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Considering the aromorphosis of Humanity, I have returned to the writings of the author, whom I consider to give one of the primary sources of knowledge about the evolution of society, in part, such of its institutes as “morale”, the things which are usually considered as being out of morale or even criminal; such a primary source I personally consider to be some fragments of the “Hour Of The Bull” by Ivan Efremov, a great Russian paleonthologist and, at the same time, science fiction author (let's remember, that science fiction ALWAYS becomes the science FUNCTION). Sometimes, Ivan Efremov refers to the so-called “communism”, which was obligative in order the book would pass through the soviet censorship; but, it fact, it's all spoken about the WINNING HUMANISM, the culture, which is a part of the Infinitely Elolving In Time And Space Human Civilization; the highest grade of ev ... Читать дальше »

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